Our COVID-19 Considerations

Here at PAUSE Studio, we’re committed to providing a safe space for everyone. As the COVID-19 situation and circumstances continue to change, we will continue to regularly restructure our facilities and requirements to best cater for our customers. Please read our current considerations below!

Steps we are taking to assure safety in the office space:

  • Cleaning space after every shoot , including surfaces , floors and any equipment that has been used that day.
  • Ventilating the space , meaning windows will be open at all times. (We do have heating so individuals won’t get cold)
  • Providing hand sanitiser and a kitchen and bathroom where visitors can wash hands through usage.
  • Once decided , the office team will conduct there own setting up and taking down of all equipment so manage the amount of contaminating.
  • Limit the size of the office team in the day of shoots , to minimise the amount of people in the office.
  • Limit the amount of people allowed in the studio space per session.

The steps we kindly ask you to take:

  • Please refrain from entering the PAUSE Studio if you are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. You are putting
    other people at risk.
  • Maintain a 2-metre distance where possible, minimising the amount of contact with clients and members of staff.
  • Please wash and sanitise your hands regularly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hand sanitiser will be accessible in and throughout the studio.
  • Limit one person touching kit.

Thank you for respecting the guidelines and PAUSE Studio’s rules & regulations.